The Hire Road™ - Professional Version

If you're currently in transition or contemplating a job change, it's critical that you effectively market yourself by going beyond your resume and broadcasting your value to the business community.

With a wealth of resources you can refer to again and again, as needed, The Hire Road™ will help you conduct a nontraditional, strategic job search that will help you get the interview, win the job offer, and negotiate your true worth.

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The Hire Road™ - College Graduate Version

If you're about to graduate from college, or have recently graduated and become frustrated with the traditional approach to job search that no longer works, you'll find The Hire Road™ – College Graduate Version to be the ideal tool to help you land your first job.

As you begin your career and develop into a working professional, this program will continue to be an invaluable resource as you face the inevitable challenges associated with career transition.

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The Hire Tactics™ - MILITARY PERSONNEL Version

If you're a military member, a veteran, or a military family member seeking employment in today's economy, this essential program will help you learn the right strategy to land the best job! Written by a career military officer and a career expert, The Hire Tactics – Tactical Advice to Successfully Transition to Professional Employment, introduces a methodology that goes far beyond the traditional resume and cover letter approach.

You will learn how to define your value in Professional terms and employ the strategies and tactics necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition and successfully complete your job search mission. Learn how to package yourself for success while maneuvering social networking sites that will help you penetrate the hidden job market.

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The Hire Road™ Audio Interview Tutorials

How would you answer this question from a hiring manager?

"Based on what we've discussed during the last hour or two I think you'd be a great fit for this position. You certainly have the skills, experience and expertise required for the job. But let me ask you this: I've interviewed six other candidates during the last few weeks and they all have the same skills, experience and expertise as you do.
So why should I hire YOU?"

Interview preparation is the key!
Listen to a discussion of almost 100 questions you may be asked during the interview, including questions that you should consider asking the hiring manager. Questions are broken down into the following categories: Personal Questions, Knowledge Questions, Situational Questions, Experience Questions, Stress Questions and Salary Questions.

With questions listed by track number you can listen to this unique audio.

With versions for professionals, recent college graduates, and military personnel, The Hire Road™ Audio Interview Tutorials are an excellent way to prepare for the all-important interview.

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THE HIRE Tactics™ Military Personnel VERSION








This essential guide is designed to help you quickly succeed in your search for employment in today's economy. Things have changed, times have changed, and times are tough. The old worn out methods that typically rely on resumes and cover letters no longer work. New strategies and tools are needed for job-hunting success, and you will find them here.

The Hire Advantage™ combines the four key milestones to employment based on Greg Wood's proven job search methodology: 


The first eBook in The Hire Advantage™ series, Packaging You! will introduce you to the tools you need to separate yourself from the competition. Every job seeker uses a resume and a cover letter. But to actually secure a job you need to do more. Learn how to brand yourself by using innovative marketing tools that will clearly differentiate you from your competition. Whether you're just beginning your job search or have been actively looking for some time, inside you'll find the best way to determine your value and land the job you want.



Don't let your job search turn into Clicking, Reviewing, Applying, and Praying, what we like to call C*R*A*P. In the second eBook in The Hire Advantage™ series, Fire Your Resume! you'll learn the strategies and techniques that can help you penetrate the hidden job market by broadcasting your value to the business community and not your need for a "job." You'll also learn how to convince employers that you are the solution to their problems and more than just what's on a piece of paper with antiquated formatting.



Preparation is key and the third eBook in The Hire Advantage™ series, 52 Job Interview Questions You Need to Know! teaches you how to demonstrate the value you bring to the table, which will greatly enhance your opportunity to win the job offer. The interview is the crux of your job search. To be successful and become the candidate of choice, you need to conduct a strategic interview versus a traditional interview. You need to explain to the hiring manager why you're the best candidate for the job. This eBook prepares you to conduct a strategic interview by supplying you with critical questions often asked in job interviews and suggested answers.



One of the most difficult challenges for job seekers is determining a fair offer for employment. In the fourth eBook of The Hire Advantage™ series, Negotiating Your True Worth you'll learn how to evaluate whether or not the job is worth taking and then how to negotiate the difference between what you're offered and your true worth to the organization. Assessing and negotiating the offer is the most critical step in establishing your true worth to the company. How you position yourself now, at the beginning of your relationship, will continue throughout your career with the company!